The way we work has changed. Technology is bringing in efficiencies and also disrupting whole industries. Every organization is facing a brand new set of challenges.

We believe in embracing a challenge. Technology should be harnessed to empower people, unleash creativity and solve problems.

USpace is the first App we built to facilitate collaboration and manage workspaces efficiently. It is a simple map of people, places and everything that is vital for an organization.

Welcome on board

What if instead of being confused at the end of an introduction process a newcomer could be inspired and confident?

Map of a workspace with all the people on it is a big help for a manager, but also a lifesaver for a newcomer. Using a phone or tablet one can check a name or title, find where a colleague’s desk is, learn about responsibilities, current projects, schedule, etc.

Managing meetings and events as well as hot desks and appliances becomes easier with a map.

Understanding is enabling. When one understands a problem, one can find a solution. A team can achieve a lot more, but only when members know their roles, capacities, and shared goals.

Even the most competitive or secretive organizations are nurturing the culture of sharing. It is the way to build a strong team and ultimately achieve great results.

A simple map is helpful to establish the foundation for understanding and facilitate enabling culture.

team member newbie


Interactive map of a workspace.

Tap on an avatar to check a member's profile: name, occupation, working schedule, projects. Tap on a meeting room to see its schedule and arrange a meeting. Check status and control connected IoT devices directly form the map.

It is like Harry Potter Marauder's Map, but this one works without magic.

Without magic?!
Hardware is involved

We use beacons to automate checkins at specific locations.

  • — Open standard supported by both iOS and Android
  • — Power efficient, battery lasts ~1.5 years
  • — Easy to install and maintain
  • — Only 10 USD per unit

You can use one beacon per room for a good experience, or one per desk for pure awesomeness, when you need it.

  • Cover
  • Ringer
  • Chip
  • Battery
  • Body
  • Sticker

Who will make a map?
Watch my fingers

We built an easy-to-use touch-based map editor, so that anyone can make a visual representation of a space using an iPad or iPhone.

We maintain a catalog of standard furniture, but if you have something special – take a photo with USpace and we will make a stylish custom asset for your workspace.

Layout rooms
Join, resize and adjust
Add furniture and workplaces
Setup interactive areas
Install Beacons
Invite collegues

Does it work with...?

USpace is designed to fit within your ecosystem of apps and devices. There are many great apps for productivity: Slack, Trello, Asana, Basecamp to name a few. We are working to make meaningful integration with each.

There is plenty of IoT devices already and more coming. We are looking for reliable partners delivering on the promise of smart office. USpace will help you to control lights, appliances and visualize usage data.

Colleague Profile
Meeting Room Profile

Public release soon

Beta is available

We are looking for organization, early adopters sharing our passion for enabling creativity and collaboration at workspace via technology.

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