Better experience for a work space

The way we work has changed. We are glued to our mobile phones, but not to our desks in offices. We are building networks and cocreating. Coworking spaces become launchpads for innovations, which is why major corporations are copying them to keep themselves relevant.

Software is eating the world. Om nom nom.

Our apps are bringing relevant mobile experience to the modern workspace.

What's the issue?
Essential one

We started this project with the goal of improving onboarding process. We came up with an elegant way to answer common questions for someone who just arrives to work at a shared space.

Soon we found that we had built a better interface for a space, and members like to use it to manage meetings, check on things, interact with others, and be aware what's going on.

They still communicate in the old fashioned way too... they still walk and talk. But now they have a better way to know where to go and with whom to talk to first.

But who cares?
It is all about the money

Members become more efficient with comfort of navigating space, interacting and finding the right people to collaborate with. It benefits the entire community... and it is community that actually creates real value in any place.

When you have this super power to see through walls, you become a better person. And you can manage so much more. Same people, same bottom line, much more meaningful things are done.

team member newbie


Interactive map of a work space with shared members locations.

Tap on an avatar to check a member's profile: name, occupation, working schedule, projects. Tap on a meeting room to see its schedule and arrange a meeting. Book a game on the tennis table, check the caffetaria menu for today.

It is searchable and connected.

Like Harry Potter Marauder's Map, but this one works without magic.

Without magic?!
Hardware is involved

We use iBeacons to automate checkins in space and at specific locations inside:

  • — Open standard supported by both iOS and Android
  • — Power efficient, battery lasts ~1.5 years
  • — Easy to install and maintain
  • — Only 10 USD per unit

And we use it in a good way. No spammy notifications. Privacy control. Smart techniques to lower battery drain and keep all goodness in the same time. You can use one beacon per room for a good experience, or one per desk for pure awesomeness, when you need it.

  • Cover
  • Ringer
  • Chip
  • Battery
  • Body
  • Sticker

Who will make a map?
Watch my fingers

We built an easy-to-use touch-based map editor, so that anyone can make a visual representation of a space with ease.

We maintain a catalog of standard furniture, but if you have something special – take a photo with USpace and we will make a stylish custom asset for your space.

Layout rooms
Join, resize and adjust
Add furniture and workplaces
Setup interactive areas
Install Beacons
Invite collegues

Yet another app
Well-mannered one

Yes, we will add one more app to your phone, but we play nicely with the other great apps you already use.

There are plenty of ways to manage projects. Some teams use Basecamp, others use Trello, Jira or Asana. We will provide integration with whichever one you use.

There are many great ways to communitcate. We prefer Slack. Which one do you choose?

Meetings arranged in USpace are automatically added to your calendar on the platform of your choice.

We are going to add more power to your apps mix.

Colleague Profile
Meeting Room Profile

Public release soon

Beta already here

We are happy to work with passionate early adopters. Join us to supercharge your space and community; participate in building the future of productive work spaces. We ship a new version every week and love to hear your feedback.

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